We are a tattoo ONLY shop, no piercings.

The Artists

Ty Pallotta

Ty Pallotta has been tattooing since 1998. Although he started as an apprentice, he is mostly self taught. His days are spent working on one large scale project per day consisting of anything from portraits to detailed Japanese influenced art. He occasionally does painting reproductions and loves creating dragons, squid, octopus, skulls, flowers, dot work, and most things except tribal, Celtic, and lettering. If you are not sure if he does what you are looking to do, swing by the shop.

Kelly Killagain

Kelly was an intern for Premium Blend during the summer of 2012. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Moore College of Art & Design in 2013, she started tattooing again with more drive than ever before. She loves to have fun with dotwork/stipple and intricate linework pieces that blur the boundary between drawing and tattoo. She also enjoys doing full color tattoos in various styles that range from traditional to realism. Each tattoo is a brand new learning experience and she cannot wait to see what the future brings.

Your Name Here

Ty Pallotta and Kelly Killagain invite you to bring your portfolio to the shop to fill the 3rd chair!

Monday-Friday starting at 10:00AM Click here for more information.

Criteria: Experienced, Drug Free, Positive Attitude, Friendly and Easy Going as Hell

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